Healthy Baby Sleep rules

Healthy Baby Sleep: Basic Rules Healthy baby sleep Fundamental rules As with adults, for toddlers, sleep is a great way to process all the information the brain receives in a day. How much sleep do children need, and what does lack of sleep lead to at a young age? How much do children need to sleep The need for sleep varies with age. Newborns sleep about 20 hours a day, children from 2 to 4 years old - about 16 hours, 4-5 year olds should be provided 13 hours of sleep, children 6-7 years old should sleep 12 hours, and adolescents need 9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, in our time, not only parents who are busy with their careers and households, but also their children do not get enough sleep. According to statistics, about 5 percent of children are now sleep deprived as much as 1.5-2 hours a day, starting from toddler age. Why do children lack sleep Often the reason for lack of sleep is that not only mom and dad believe that proper sleep is not importa

5 simple early learning games to keep baby busy

5 simple early learning games to keep baby busy

Barely born, your little one has awakened senses. He asks only to see, touch, smell and already he loves your company! Take the opportunity to offer him activities that will help him discover the world and progress in his various learning experiences with these 5 early learning games for babies.

Early learning games for babies: before 3 months, the time for caresses

Your little one has always loved being rocked and cuddled. The more time passes, the more these rituals become games. He responds with smiles to your taste buds, wiggles under your tickles and reaches out to you, waiting for the next guili-guili. 

All in tenderness

Nothing lighter than a breath on the skin. Gently tickle your baby with a straw, or stroke him with a small feather. You can also use a very soft fur, with which you will touch the different parts of his face or that you will walk on his arms. All of these delicious sensations help him become aware of his body.

Heart to Heart

Choose soft music and hold your toddler close to you, one hand passing under their buttocks and the other gently holding their head against your breast. Just sway back and forth, in time with the melody, trying to match your breath to your baby's. The scent of your skin, the beating of your heart and the swaying rhythm of the music delight him. In addition, feeling carried helps develop a sense of balance

                            Early learning games for babies: 3-6 months, the pleasure of surprises

He is now able to anticipate, and when what happens is not what he expects, he shows his joy. Now is the time to vary the tempo of your taste buds, to run your hand where it will surprise him ... And don't be afraid to destabilize him, he loves it! 

 baby fly 

lie on the floor or on your bed legs folded and feet in the air .Sit your toddler face down on your feet, facing you, and hold their hands firmly. Attention, we take off! Your legs slowly rise and wander side to side and back and forth. Careful, we're landing. They descend and come to a stop. Laughs guaranteed! In addition, this is an exercise that allows him to work on his sense of balance.

What's on the phone?

You need a string (or cord) and a toy. Tie it at the end of the string, then secure the string with an adhesive on the edge of a table. Sit your little one on it, facing you. The object of the game is to make the toy appear and disappear in front of your child. Shake it under his nose… then drop him, held by the cord. Are you surprised with him: where did he go? Then give him the string and encourage him to pull it towards him. Seeing the toy reappear will delight him!

The little beast that goes up 

Tickling, he loves it! Run your fingers over his skin, whispering "It's the little beast that goes up, that goes up ..." When it reaches the end of its course, the little beast stops. Announce, "I think she's going to be guili-guili," and you end up with a tickle. He laughs happily and asks for more, already ready to take on the assault of a new little beast.


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