Healthy Baby Sleep rules

Healthy Baby Sleep: Basic Rules Healthy baby sleep Fundamental rules As with adults, for toddlers, sleep is a great way to process all the information the brain receives in a day. How much sleep do children need, and what does lack of sleep lead to at a young age? How much do children need to sleep The need for sleep varies with age. Newborns sleep about 20 hours a day, children from 2 to 4 years old - about 16 hours, 4-5 year olds should be provided 13 hours of sleep, children 6-7 years old should sleep 12 hours, and adolescents need 9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, in our time, not only parents who are busy with their careers and households, but also their children do not get enough sleep. According to statistics, about 5 percent of children are now sleep deprived as much as 1.5-2 hours a day, starting from toddler age. Why do children lack sleep Often the reason for lack of sleep is that not only mom and dad believe that proper sleep is not importa

6 tips to care for your newborn baby's skin How to be healthy

      6 tips to care for your newborn baby's skin How to be healthy

Although the skin of a child has a much more moisturized and smooth skin than adults. But must be given special care When a child's skin is exposed to germs or dirt, it makes sensitive skin. Dull and mottled easily, see 6 tips for newborn baby skin care. How do you have healthy skin?

1. Warm aroma oil massage


Warm oil stimulating massage It is an ancient skincare secret that makes skin radiant, smooth, soft and hydrated. This method adds a layer of moisture to your baby's delicate skin. And also helps to balance the oil in the skin cells as well When massaging warm oil on a regular basis, your baby's skin will glow with a radiant glow and the skin is white and pink.The best oils for massage your baby's skin are almond oil, olive oil, etc.

2. Bath your baby twice a day is enough.

Mom should not bath the baby often. Even in winter, babies sweat less. Should use the method of wiping the child to clean it will be better. Because taking a shower often will make your baby dry and may irritate your child's skin.

3. Gentle bath products

Choose a baby bath product that is gentle for children. To prevent irritation The ingredients of baby bath products should not contain chemicals. Use a product from natural extracts and a mixture of honey, milk, mineral water, vitamin E because it will help retain moisture and make baby skin look moist and supple all day.

4. The temperature of the bath water is appropriate.

Mom may think that the weather is cool. You have to bathe your child in lukewarm water than usual, but in fact, use warm water as normal and not soak your child in warm water for too long. Because warm water will wash away the natural fat that coated the baby's skin, causing the baby's skin to dry more

5. Don't forget to apply lotion after


After bath to prevent your baby from drying out. Should be followed by a lotion or baby oil that will help prevent water loss and cause the skin to dry and peel. But be careful not to apply too thick lotion. And avoid applying paint on the hands that the child can easily contact with the mouth. In addition, mothers should dry the baby's hands, especially the fingers and toes. Because if wiping is not dry well, it may make the skin area moist and decayed.

6. Gram flour mask

Make your own skin care mask with formula Fresh milk + turmeric + gram flour (gram flour is also known as Chickpea Flour Or besan flour It is a cooking starch of Bangladeshi Indians). Apply the mask lightly onto the baby's skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Use a cotton swab or soft cloth dampened with water to wipe off the mask. Which if using baby oil only for skin care It can make your baby's skin become overly oily and can develop rashes in hot weather, so use a homemade skin mask that is recommended for better results.

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