Healthy Baby Sleep rules

Healthy Baby Sleep: Basic Rules Healthy baby sleep Fundamental rules As with adults, for toddlers, sleep is a great way to process all the information the brain receives in a day. How much sleep do children need, and what does lack of sleep lead to at a young age? How much do children need to sleep The need for sleep varies with age. Newborns sleep about 20 hours a day, children from 2 to 4 years old - about 16 hours, 4-5 year olds should be provided 13 hours of sleep, children 6-7 years old should sleep 12 hours, and adolescents need 9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, in our time, not only parents who are busy with their careers and households, but also their children do not get enough sleep. According to statistics, about 5 percent of children are now sleep deprived as much as 1.5-2 hours a day, starting from toddler age. Why do children lack sleep Often the reason for lack of sleep is that not only mom and dad believe that proper sleep is not importa

Massages to relieve your baby

Massages to relieve your baby

Massages are good and can relieve some ailments. Digestive disorders, colds, teething ... Discover massages that alleviate your baby's troubles. Follow the guide.

To alleviate digestive disorders
Certain massages have a beneficial effect on colic, bloating and constipation in infants by helping them to evacuate the gas and the stools which obstruct them. They can be done through thin clothes, outside of acute phases of crisis, and at least 30 minutes after a feed.

First, find the position that best calms your child. It can be face down on your forearm with your head propped up in the crook of your elbow. You can also sit down and place it across your thighs. The last solution is to carry him very high, his stomach against your shoulder. Start by massaging her lower back with the palm of her hand. You can also exert a light pressure, with each exhale, by placing two fingers on each side of his spine, at the level of the lower back.

The calming virtues of heat

The heat has calming virtues. To reassure your baby, put him on his back, rub your hands together and place one on his head, the other on his stomach to circulate the heat. Then massage her belly in circular clockwise movements 6 or 7 times, exerting firm, gentle pressure with the palm of your hand. Then put your hand flat, across, under his ribs, and move down to his thighs. Chain the movement from one hand to the other 6 or 7 times. Finally, bend her legs on her stomach, hold this position for a few seconds, before relaxing them by rocking them slightly. Repeat this sequence three times in a row.

Massage to clear the nose

Whenever you massage your baby's face, it is necessary to have short fingernails and clean hands in order to limit the spread of germs. When he has a cold, to complete the nose wash with physiological serum and clear him, you can put your thumbs between his eyebrows and sliding them towards his temples, several times. Then, starting on either side of the nostrils, slide them by pressing lightly towards the corner of the eyes, return to the starting point and go to the middle of the cheekbones. Repeat this movement several times gently. Do not hesitate to try this gesture on yourself when you have a cold to see how well it works.

                   Massage to calm teething

Does your baby have red cheeks, is grumpy and wants to chew on anything that passes? It is undoubtedly a tooth that tries to break through and causes inflammation of the gum tissue. You can massage his gum tissue directly with your clean finger or, for the upper jaw, place your index fingers under his nose, above the upper lip and slide them towards the middle of the cheeks with gentle pressure. Then make small circles with the tips of your thumbs in front of her jaw joint. For the bottom teeth, put your index fingers under your baby's lower lip and repeat the same movement as before, gently stretching them towards the middle of the cheeks.


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